After a thorough bid process, the City of Loves Park has selected Nordic Energy Services, LLC as the new supplier for the contract term starting on the ComEd reading date in September 2018 for three years and ending in September 2021.

The existing contracted rate of $.07114 per kwhr with Nordic for the City of Loves Park will continue until September of 2018.

As an eligible participant, there are two supply options available to you – a Traditional option where the energy is supplied through traditional generation sources and a 100% Renewable option where 100% of your energy comes from renewable energy sources.  All participants will be automatically enrolled in the Traditional program unless you call and request the 100% Renewable or “Green” energy option.  If you do not want to participate in either program, you can choose to opt-out online at or by returning the enclosed form before July 5th, 2018.

  • The Traditional Power Program is $0.06900 per kWh and is guaranteed until September 2021.
  • The Renewable Power Program is $0.07100 per kWh and is guaranteed until September 2021. To select the Renewable Power program, please call Customer Service at 866-614-6952.
  • There is no enrollment, switching or early termination fee.
  • This is a firm fixed all-inclusive rate.

Letters from the City via Nordic will go out to the residents at the beginning of June to opt out or opt in the Community program.

Residents and small businesses in the City of Loves Park have 3 options:

  • Continue with or join the Community Program.
  • Opt out and/or stay on ComEd as the energy provider. (The ComEd rate which started in October 2017 and ending in June of 2018 is $.07149 according to the latest rate tariff).
  • Select a 3rd party supplier on your own.

If there are any questions, please contact City of Loves Park officials (815) 654-5030.

Also, questions may be addressed to Rock River Energy Services at (815) 732-4603.