General Questions

How do I get my garbage picked up?

You should contact Rock River Disposal at 815-965-2489.

Mosquito spraying information

For information on the City’s mosquito spraying program and scheduled dates for spraying, please call Clarke Environmental’s Mosquito hotline at 1-800-942-2555.

What is a zero municipal tax levy?

The City works to maintain a zero municipal tax levy, which means the City does not receive any property tax money. Most cities receive a portion of your property taxes to pay for public improvements and government functions. Loves Park relies on sales tax for this revenue. You still pay taxes for non-city services such as the county and the school district. Loves Park strives to keep a zero municipal tax levy to maintain relatively low property taxes for their citizens.

When is the Young at Heart Parade & Festival?

The Young At Heart Festival is held every Memorial Day weekend, with the parade beginning Saturday morning.

Where can I get a map of the City?

Maps of the City are available at our website by selecting the Maps tab on the top navigation bar of the homepage.   Printed maps are available at the Community Development Department in City Hall for a small fee.

Where can I pay my water bill?

Water bills can be mailed in, paid in person at the drive-thru window at the Water Department, located at 5440 Walker Avenue, by phone at 815-654-5005, or online by using the Online Water Bill Payment button on the homepage.  Please make sure that you have your meter reading when paying your bill.

Where is City Hall?

Loves Park City Hall is located off of East Riverside Boulevard between North 2nd Street and Forest Hills Road at 100 Heart Blvd, 100 Heart Boulevard, Loves Park, IL 61111.

Why did my garbage pick-up price go up?

The City works to keep the cost of living in Loves Park as low as possible. Garbage pickup prices do increase over time due to increased costs for things such as fuel and to adjust for inflation.