Code Enforcement

How do I report a code Violation?

Feel free to contact our Code Enforcement Officer, Juan Terré, regarding code violations. Code violations may be submitted by email, phone or in person at the Community Development Department. You may also submit a code violation by clicking the Report a Problem button on the homepage, selecting the appropriate category with the Subject drop-down menu and completing the appropriate information.

How many pets can I have in the City?

City Ordinance allows three pets per residence, with only 2 pets of the same species. This means you may have 2 dogs and 1 cat, but not 3 dogs. Small pets such as fish are excluded from this.

What do I do if I received a notice of code violation?

Correct the violation within the required time frame,  and then contact the Code Enforcement Officer listed on the violation notice at (815) 654-5033 to schedule a re-inspection. Failure to correct the cited violation within the time frame stated on the Notice will result in further action by the City, such as having to appear at an Administrative Hearing where fines will be imposed and a court order to abate the violation.