Building & Permits

How much do permits cost?

Loves Park building permits are very reasonably priced and are intended to pay for the required inspections and administration of documents. The permit fee schedule can be found under the Forms & Permits link on the homepage, but may need further explanation. Feel free to call the Building Department at (815) 654-5033 for a permit quote.

What do I do when I need inspections?

Contact the Building Department at (815) 654-5033 to schedule inspections. You will need your permit number, address, contact name, phone number, and the type of inspection needed. You may request a specific date and time for your inspection. Both rough-in and final inspections are done for most issues.

What do I need permits for?

Permits are needed for anything that requires inspections. This includes all new buildings, structural changes, remodeling projects, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work. If you are unsure if you need a permit, please call the Building Department at (815) 654-5033. If you do not obtain a permit prior to work being done, fees may be doubled.

When does my permit expire?

Permits expire after 1 year has passed from date of issuance or 6 months after they have been issued if no significant work has been done, they will be considered void. Permits may be extended at the discretion of the Building Official for an additional 6 months at the cost of $25.00 per permit/trade. After 6 months has passed you will be required to renew the permit at full cost.

Where do I get Building permit forms?

Permit forms are available at the Community Development Department in City Hall. They are also available on the website by going to the Forms & Permits link on the homepage. Please fill out the commercial or residential application and a zoning clearance form, if necessary. Permits must be faxed, mailed or turned in at the Community Development Department and paid for in the Clerks Office prior to work being started.