Over the last few months, the Loves Park Water Department has been working to implement new technology and policies to better serve it’s customers. There are numerous changes taking place over the next several weeks that we would like to bring to your attention.

The first, as some have already noticed, is a change to the billing format, including the addition of garbage collection service to your bill. The new billing format breaks down each charge associated with your account. We believe this will help you to better understand your bill.  Along with this format change, we have extended the due date of the water bill payment to the last working day of the month before any penalties are assessed.

The second change is to introduce a new customer web portal which has been implemented as a result of our billing software upgrade.  We believe this portal will better serve the community with a long overdue advance in technology. This portal will require you to create an account to gain access. Once the account has been created, you can gain access to real time billing amounts, account history, prior usage, payment options, and much more.  You can access the web portal directly from the city’s web page (www.loves-park.il.us ) or by using the URL below:


The third change is the implementation of an automated meter reading solution. This will take the burden of meter reading off of the customer and provide up to date consumption readings.  We are truly looking forward to the future of the department as it grows to better serve the citizens of Loves Park.  Please check back as we make future announcements of scheduled improvements and upgrades.

If you have any questions on these upgrades, please contact the Loves Park Water Department at 815-877-1421.