About the Program

We drive along North Second Street numerous times almost every day. Many of the features we drive by have become part of the background noise of the commute. However, something recently caught our attention: an empty bench in disrepair. As we continued to drive, we realized that all of the benches along our commute were this way. Indeed, there are 13 of them on North Second in various stages of decay. We wondered what could be done to make them more presentable.

This isn’t just about what we see every day; it’s about what the community sees every day. So, we don’t want this to be a four person project, but something owned by the community at large. To start the ball rolling, we began by having some miniature models of the benches made. We then took these models to a couple of local artists to show us what they could do to transform the decaying structures into works of art. We were excited by the result.

And finally, we’re are coming to you. We’re are asking you to participate in this project that can make a change for the better. At the moment, there are a few ways you can pitch in.

1.    Adopt a Bench: This can be done by companies, groups, or individuals.
2.    Adopt a Bench as a sponsor i.e. “The Carlson Boys and Girls Club”
3.    Participate Creatively: Perhaps you or your employees could create a design for one of the  benches
4.    Donate supplies: Help us spread out production costs for materials
5.    Pass the word: This is a community endeavor. Please let others know about the opportunity to pitch in.

We hope you will join us as we try to make our little corner of the world a better place. If you have questions or ideas, we would love to hear from you. You can e-mail us at nathanbruck@cityoflovespark.com