Bus Bench Program

The City of Loves Park has been evaluating the North Second Street corridor, and what public improvements it could make towards improving the aesthetics of this area.  The City of Loves Park Beautification Committee has initiated a plan to beautify the North Second Street corridor by removing old, decaying bus benches and replacing them with new benches, planters, and trash receptacles on a concrete base.

North Second Street was littered with decaying bus benches.  There were 13 along the two-mile corridor that had fallen in serious disrepair and had become unsafe for public use.  The City feels that the bus benches had, over time, become part of the decaying landscape along the corridor.  Many of the benches were located on public sidewalks or were in locations that were not part of the Rockford Mass Transit District (RMTD) bus route that runs through Loves Park.  The newly landscaped sites will be the initial phase of the project to improve the image of North Second Street.  The Beautification Committee will be tasked with ongoing efforts to expand beautification along North Second Street by developing other projects for the area.  The Beautification Committee will also be focusing on other arterial ways throughout the City to develop a plan for landscaped sites and other improvements as part of the second phase of this project.

The City of Loves Park Beautification Committee will work on the implementation of a public art project for the beautification of North Second Street.  The public art project will be a partnership between the City of Loves Park Beautification Committee, Rockford Public Schools, Harlem Public Schools, Belvidere Public Schools, the citizens and business community.  The participating schools will be encouraged to implement a public art program into their curriculum for the 2015 academic school year.  The program will give students the opportunity to create/design artwork that will be shown on the bus benches for public display.  All submissions will be reviewed and selected by the City of Loves Park Beautification Committee.

If you are interested in participating with the City of Loves Park Beautification Committee, you can e-mail us at nathanbruck@cityoflovespark.com or call our office at (815) 654-5033 for more information.  The project is an exciting endeavor we hope will spur creative student public art as part of the revitalization of North Second Street in Loves Park.


The City of Loves Park Beautification Committee